The Team

If you love people and want to serve in one of our ministry areas contact one of our amazing ministry leaders. 


Enoe Garcia

Praise and Worship Minister

    Enoe grew up in Texas and was raised in a Christian home. From an early age he answered the call on his life to lead God’s people in worship and prepare the way of the Lord.


    Enoe graduated from Valor Christian College in Columbus, Ohio founded by Pastor Rod Parsley. Since then he has served proudly as the Worship Leader for Pastors Jim and Jennifer Hughes at Elevation Point Church which is located now in Troy, Ohio. 


    Enoe has traveled the country ministering in youth conferences, revivals, and worship workshops. He has a passion to connect people to the heart of God through worship and see lives changed. 

    Flowing prophetically and pursuing the Lord with all his heart, Enoe brings unity in the room creating intimate moments in God’s Presence. 

    Tishonna Hicks

    Hospitality Minister

    Tishonna Hicks, the founder of “Dream Again,” is the proud wife to Minister Franklin Eugene Hicks II and mother to Franklin Eugene Hicks III and Milania Annalise Hicks.  Since she started her journey in ministry in 2004, God has blessed her to lead several successful ministries including Women of Worship Ministries at Miami University of Ohio to spur the togetherness of sisterhood, United, formally known as College Night, to ignite the flame in young adults yearning to deepen their faith, and No Limits Youth at Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio with her husband. She has had several opportunities to speak and hold local conferences to share her testimony of grace, love and transformation. Since her involvement in ministry, her passions are forever evolving. As a woman in her thirties, she notices and sees the need for those around her to believe AGAIN, dream AGAIN and be revived AGAIN. The fears, the hurt, and insecurities have shoved too many into a place of complacency and doubt, missing the opportunity to live a life of abundance and authenticity. Tishonna hopes to encourage those around her to get back up AGAIN. There is no such thing as “too late.” Our dreams have a purpose. Our dreams have a place. It is our RIGHT to grab ahold of them and release them. With that release comes change in ourselves and change in others. Tishonna plans, for years to come, to pursue and preach this message with a passion, and plans to start in her own backyard- the city of Middletown, Ohio.


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    Marty McGillivary

    Ushers and Security

    At EPC you security is our priority. Our church is a safe place for you to worship God and connect with other believers. If you have questions or concerns about security or joining the team hit the contact button below. 

    Jonathon Jewell

    Audio Engineer

    Jonathan grew up in church and came to Jesus as a child. In his youth he started volunteering in various ministries but ultimately he found a home in the technical departments. As Jonathan worked on honing his technical skillz he graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. With his training and experience ever refining him, he enjoys training others in the technical arts. Jonathan has always had a heart and a head for advancing the Kingdom of God using technology.

    (937) 657-1122


      Aaron Hanover

      Digital Media Director

      Aaron Hanover is an uber creative designer that has been in Christian content creation for over 15 yrs. He has been integral in the design and direction of the digital footprint of Elevation Point Church. Aaron loves to train new creative people and is looking for help in all skill levels. If you want to be a part of the creative process at EPC shoot Aaron a text or email.


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