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Mens Ministry Leader: Minister Franklin Hicks

Minister Franklin Hicks takes great pride in being a native of Ohio. It has left a mark on his heart and he will forever do what it takes to impact it positively.  As a graduate of World Harvest Bible College, he has learned to value and cherish his walk with the Lord. Knowing what it is like to be raised in the streets with little guidance and resources, he can sympathize with many teenagers and adults alike and the everyday situations that perplex them. For ten years he pastored the Senior High Youth at Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio under the direction and leadership of Pastor Lawrence Sr. and Darlene Bishop, frequenting annual youth conferences in Indiana, Georgia, and New Jersey. With his wife of ten years and now as a father of three beautiful children, he has now shifted his focus to community and evangelism. Hooper Hicks can attest, through his struggles of addiction and depression, of God’s grace, mercy, and love, and he knows that he would not be where he is today if it were not for Jesus Christ. His passion for this generation is astounding as he strives to seek God’s face on behalf of this generation. “We are World Changers,” he says, “and we have the power to transform and spark revival…one soul at a time.”


  • July TBD - meet at the church 5:30


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